Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What is a good slogan for saving a coral reef?

As you see we were making a slogan and must be passed tomorrow

I need a good slogan so please be quick!|||Don't be a Reef Thief

Be Moral With Coral|||Don't knock the Rock Cocka! and keep the Coral Floral!

If I win the comp. (and I know I will as I always do!) please send the ticket for two for the weekend in Hawaii to my Yahoo Email box c/o the Yahoo Censorship Board....who will probably confiscate it and send me a violation notice for using the word "Cocka",soliciting and trying to corrupt fellow Yahoo Answerers!)

(Not bad Mike 555...but mine leaves yours for dead!)

And all in direct contradiction to one's right to freedom of speech under the American Constitution...which under their jurisdiction has got a bad case of the HICKUPS!|||if you love fish,love their homes.

Love the corals.

help save the corals.

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