Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Whats the best slogan for a construction company?

I have started a new construction company. I wish to have an eye catching and meaningful slogan on my business card. Please help me on this. Thank you.|||See your dreams comes to realty.|||"JUST CONSTRUCTION"

Simple and easy to understand, just to tell your customers your business is about construction !|||Centaurs Construction

(a centaur is half bull/half human and very strong)|||"work, work , work: fun fun fun"|||constructo oh yeah

What would be an amazing name & slogan for my dog grooming business?

I already have a dog sitting/ walking business with a name picked out and fliers made along with the slogan but now i need to start putting a little more attention towards my knew grooming business as well. Can someone please give me the best answer for a name and a slogan for my dog grooming business?|||What demographics would you be targetting? You should research you local area to see what type of people live there and figure out a name that would be attractive to most of the dog owners there.

Sniff n' Scratch.

"A friend to your best friend."


Sleek coats Pet Grooming.

"Servicing your pet with style."

That's all I can think of right now.|||****-and-Spaniel

Hygienic Hounds


Purely Pooch

Perky Pup

Pretty Pugs

How Spot became Not

The fairy godmothers of dirty dog owners everywhere|||slogan could :we do a tail wagging business here

our customers came to us wagging their tails

slogan (and name)bow wow grooming - you wont get any growls from us

a doggone grooming|||Peluchin :D

What is a slogan for the candy lemonheads?

i am running for state officer and i want to know a slogan to come up with for the candy lemonheads.|||Erging for a lemon taste that will explode your head with a delicious taste TRY ARE LEMON HAEDS!!!!|||LEMAR is a LEMONHEAD but he is a sweet dude so could mention him

Coming up with a slogan for my fashion business?

I need a little help coming up with a slogan for my fashion business... I know I probably won't be getting into fashion school for at least four years, but I want a head start. It is very easy to come up with slogans for particular things or new items/clothing I might want to sale, but I want to come up with a slogan for my business. Does anyone know a good slogan to use for women's fashion? I'd say my fashion business would be sort of similar to Express fashion...So any tips or advice?|||I would suggest "we design to fit", "we design to fit your special event"

Need Help with Slogan to get donations for charity?

Need a catchy slogan that is respectful. The charity/organization is eastern office of the aging (they assist the elderly with a variety of services).

Any ideas? Something that gives an idea of what the chariety is but is catchy or easy to remember.

ex: but not respectful enough " Old, we'll all be there someday. . .hopefully

Show respect, help us collect - again, a bit too forceful

Any ideas are appreciated!|||There is Clarity in Charity

Donate From the Heart

Love is Giving

Help Others Help Themselves

Embrace Change

Good luck, and thanks for being a charitable person!|||Elderly Charity Name...

Taking care of those who once took care of us

Donations accepted and appreciated?????? ugh this is harder than it seems. good luck

oh, if this helps:

a spanish saying says "como te ves me vi, y como me veo te veras" which means, how you look now is how i once looked, and how i look now you will look like.|||Gimmicks don't work. I would much rather give to a charity that does it tastefully and not by any cheap gimmick picked up from a yahoo site. People are smarter than you think and if you simply ask, you shall receive.|||They have made your world what it is today...repay the kindness

Our Senior Citizens have made the world what it is today...help us repay their kindness.

Your donation makes a difference.

IDK...something along those lines

LOL- I keep changing my mind|||They changed your diapers, help them change theirs!

please help out, bring donations in! we're the only help they have!

something like that|||Help us help the elderly. they are our history!|||Donate old for god for the country for the virtuality and the peace for all.|||"They've seen everything, we help, we learn"|||Help the charity what you give is what you will get back but more!!!!


HOPE YOU FIND A GOOD SLOGAN!!!|||How about..... "It pays to get aged"|||Age is not our problem

LOL|||"we need cash, to help old people with their rash'"?????lol idk|||show respect, help us collect isn't bad!

What is a slogan that can be used for a project on the element Barium?

I am doing a project which involves making advertisements for why a certain element should be the "national element". I need a slogan for Barium which is used in oil drilling and is an ingredient in green fireworks.|||"Barium: Light up the darkness." Barium is an isotope used in colon imaging...

I shouldn't give you this, but your Teacher will clearly know you didn't come up w/it (too young).|||15, huh? Well then you've got about 35 years to look forward to your first one. Enjoy the anticipation ;-D.

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Where can I go to find out if a slogan is copyrighted?

I am starting a website and I got a pretty good slogan, but I don't know if it's taken or not. Is there a way I can check to see If its been copyrighted/trademarked or what ever? Thanks.|||you cant copyright a slogan. you can only trademark a slogan.


usually you can put a TM next to it. until you have officially have it registered wiht USPTO and it is changed to a (R)